Pet Fees

Your Adoption Fee Includes

* Spay/Neuter
* Up to date vaccines
* Deworming
* Flea treatment
* Microchip
* Leukimia Testing


Our standard adoption fee is $85.00 per cat, $125 per dog.

* In certain cases the fee for an older cat may be lower.
* Purebred adoption fees may be slightly higher.

Please take into consideration that you are adopting a fully vetted animal that has been in a family setting and that we have done all the work for you! In some cases, kittens may not be big enough, or old enough, to be altered at the time of adoption. Friends of Animal Life is happy to work around your schedule when making the appointment once your kitten is ready. It will be up to you, the new adoptive family, to get the kitten to the appointment with one of our vets. Again, the spay/neuter is included in the adoption fee.

Please note: If you live a long distance away from our area, you may want to consider one of our pets that is completely vetted.

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