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Welcome to Friends of Animal Life


Friends of Animal Life, Inc. (FOAL) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, which was founded and incorporated in Ohio. The organization’s main focus is dedicated to the care and welfare of displaced, abandoned and surrendered animals. Our goal is to place each and every animal in a loving “forever home”. We work extremely hard to find a “forever home” for each of the animals in our care. FOAL does not have a shelter each of our animals are fostered in loving homes where they are part of a family. FOAL is a “No Time Limit” organization which means that all of our adoptable animals stay with us until their “forever home” is found. FOAL’s space is very limited and we try to do our best to keep an updated list of our needy animals.

FOAL has a very small, devoted volunteer base that willingly take on any task to contribute to the care of these animals, from organizing fundraisers, caressing a sick animal, adoption counseling and custodial duties. Every person in FOAL is a valued member of the team. And without these caring wonderful people, FOAL could not accomplish the progress seen each and every day.

FOAL is constantly striving to find ways to insure that the lives of so many unwanted pets can be saved through education, by adopting them to responsible people who can provide a permanent loving home, by working closely with other animal groups, by organizing successful fundraisers and by receiving donations and supplies to keep this organization in operation. FOAL exists to provide shelter, medical care and loving attention to all its animals. Your donations help FOAL afford the things these animals need on a daily basis.

For more information about FOAL, becoming a volunteer, available animals, making a donation, or if you cannot adopt and are interested in sponsoring one or more of our wonderful animals, please contact us through this website.


FOAL believes pet ownership is a serious responsibility and a life-long commitment. Our goal is to place animals in the best possible homes where each adoptive person realizes their obligation to the animal. FOAL reserves the right to deny an adoption for any reason. Please carefully read the following. If you think any of the following may apply, kindly think very carefully before adopting an animal. We understand that each of these animals need forever homes, but it is our goal to place each animal in the best home possible. We expect each adoptive family to understand that this adoption is a long term commitment. We do understand that unforeseen events happen, but wanting to return a cat for reasons such as, allergies, house training, excessive energy, meowing, scratching or normal pet behaviors are not acceptable reasons to give up on your pet. Millions of pets end up in shelters because:

* They have house training issues
* The family does not have time for them anymore
* They are cute as kittens and then they grow up
* Children develop allergies. If you have children they should be allergy tested before you consider adopting a cat. It is extremely difficult on an animal when they are given up months after the adoption.
* They scratch.
* They meow.
* They don’t get along with the other pet.
* You are moving and cannot take the pet with you. If there is a chance that you will be moving, do not adopt a new pet.
* Too expensive
* Adopted on a whim…

And many more unacceptable excuses!!!!

Again, this is a long term commitment and if you cannot take on this responsibility, please think before adopting an animal.

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